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Boutique Refaire carries many designer, but one of the favorites is Chico’s. “Don’t you just LOVE Chico’s Jewelry…, but Chico also carries great fashion,” Boutique Refaire

Chico’s started as a small Boutique in 1983 in Florida. They connected quickly with their customers and offered exceptional service.  This small boutique quickly grew because of their products and values.

They developed a fashion line that is chic, wrinkle free, and attention to details created a following.  The line developed to:

  • 601 Chico’s Boutique
  • 83 Chico’s Outlets
  • 364 White House and Black Market
  • 164 Soma Intimates
  • Monthly Catalog
  • 24 hour shopping Online

The company provides associates with quality training. They provide styling advice, great tips, and help you accessories. The design team always takes the customer in mind when developing their designs.

They keep in mind that their fashion and success is community based and women and children organizations. This continued to support local charities is based on their kind spirits, community support, and customer care.

Boutique Refaire carries recent fashion from Chico’s. This fashion comes in new with tags many times.  This is quality and all items must be recently Cleaned, pressed, odor free & without signs of wear.

Chico Deals

Chico’s is here at Boutique Refaire. We carry their fashion, accessories, and jewelry. Please feel free to contact us or visit our boutique 7420 W. Cactus Suite B-12 Peoria AZ 85381 when selecting fashion for your life

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